I Heart Revolution Chocolate Vault – Lipglosses Review & Swatches – Praline, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Cherry – Part 2

As part of the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Vault set we get three lipglosses. Two are exclusive to the vault with the third being already part of the I Heart Revolution range. They contain 2.5ml of product and have a 12-month shelf life once opened. They are cruelty-free but while the Salted Caramel gloss is Vegan I can’t guarantee the others are.


I was surprised at how much I like these. I am not a gloss person but these are not sticky at all. They, of course, won’t last once you start eating and they are all quite sheer. This, however, is a feature of all glosses, so I can’t count that against them. They are all quite heavily fragranced but that doesn’t last on the lips. However, if you’re allergic to fragrance this might cause an issue.

Salted Caramel


This is the one that’s available to buy separately for £3 from Superdrug or Revolution Beauty. It’s a light cool nude colour. This one has a salty smell. It looks good on me and I like it.



As you can see Praline and Salted Caramel are pretty much the same colour but Praline is the pinker version. This one has a very sweet smell.

Chocolate Cherry


Chocolate Cherry smells like cherry and is the most opaque of them but also sheer. It looks very dark in the tube but goes a lovely shade on the lips.

All in all, I like these glosses. Do you like them?

The vault is still available from Superdrug or Revolution Beauty.