In defence of Glossybox

This picture has been making the rounds, since in this Month’s Glossybox we got one of these palettes.


Okay so I feel like I need to speak up in defence of Glossybox over this Sleek Palette issue. Just like you all I was super disappointed to see it in Poundland but I recognise this is NOT Glossybox’s fault. The palette is made by Sleek. Sleek are the people who sold the stock to Poundland. It’s not something Glossybox would have anything to do with and they possibly didn’t even know about.

The anger directed at Glossbox is misplaced. Boots, Superdrug and other retailers still have these palettes on sale for £9.99. It’s even on Sleek’s website at £10. Sleek are the ones that have sold old stock to Poundland.

It’s a bummer but that’s the way the world works. They’ve got nothing to explain.