Clone Wars: Kat Von D vs MakeUp Revolution Light & Shade Palette

Kat’s not happy with this dupe. And she has every reason to be.

Revolution’s version is £8 in the UK vs £37 for her version. They’re a lot cheaper.

I bought the Revolution palette and I don’t regret it. It’s great for the price and here’s why I’d still buy it over hers.

I won’t use all the colours in the palette. I’m not a huge neutral person and £37 is a lot of money to spend on a bunch of colours I won’t use. I know Revolution is good quality for the price for shadows. Since we can’t return things and I can only get her stuff online (unless I want to travel to London and hope they have a tester), I’d rather buy the cheap version and base my decision on that. I can take that money I saved buying the ‘dupe’ and use it to buy something I will use from her range.

And I will. I use her foundation and setting powder. I have a few of her palettes and will be buying the Alchemists Palette when it comes out. She’s not losing. I actually don’t have have any intention of buying her shade and light palette ever. It doesn’t suit my needs and thankfully I can find that out with £8 of my money rather than £37 (because we can’t return makeup here).

None of this is reasons why she shouldn’t be upset. She has every right to be upset. This is a very lazy dupe. I wish they’d been a little more inventive with the dupe.

What are your thoughts?