NYX Macaroon Collection Review & Swatches Part 2 – Citron, Earl Grey, Lavender, Black Sesame, Coconut, Chambord

Meet the Second half of the Macaroon Collection from NYX. Available in the UK only from Top Shop, each lipstick costs £7.00 each. These are the last six, featuring a more neutral colour board.

  • Citrion is a bright orange. It’s sadly got quite poor coverage, so isn’t very wearable.
  • Earl Grey is a grey toned light blue. It has surprisingly good coverage for an usual shade.
  • Lavender is as the name suggests lavender in colour. It’s not got great coverage, definitely needs help with a liner on this one.
  • Black Sesame is a grey lipstick. It’s a nice grey colour with averaging coverage.
  • Coconut is a white lipstick. This is one of the worst and needs a lot of help. It’s also the most unwearable but will be good for highlights or lightening a colour you think is too dark.
  • Chambord is a black lipstick. It’s practically perfect in every way. The coverage is great and it goes on smoothly.

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Are these colours worth £7. In my opinion no. The really unusual colours don’t have great coverage. They’re pretty poor for the price. They perform more like the £1 lipsticks I get from Makeup Revolution. So I have to say I’m not impressed with any of them except for Chanmbord. They have fairly short wear time of a couple of hours and will come off on anything you eat or drink.
Do I like them?  Yes because they’re unusual colours but that’s it really. You can get better out there but they are more expensive. To me the extra cost is worth it.