Delivery and Despatch times

So I often see people praising companies for delivery times. You won’t see me doing that on here. Why not? Because it’s actually got nothing to do with the company. It’s all to do with the courier. What actually matters is despatch times. So what you need to look for is if they pick and despatch their parcels quickly.

Illamasqua is one of the companies that in general has good despatch times, as does Sugarpill. I’ve found that Make Up Academy can have a poor despatch time but generally that’s only around sale times.

You really do need to take into account things like sales and new product releases. During those times they will obviously companies are going to be slower. If they’re taking too long do make sure you contact them. It can help speed up the process of your order getting dispatched. The one thing you should not tolerate is late dispatch when you’ve paid for special/next day delivery, even during sale times. If the option is there, they need to honour it.