Nails Inc Whitehall Magnetic Plosh Review & Swatch

Nails Inc’s Whitehall magnetic nail polish. It costs £13.00 from the Nails Inc Website or your local stockist.

Whitehall is a black/green polish.

When first coated on the nails it does have a nice shine and if used without the magnet effect is actually quite an interesting shade.
It’s opaque in one coat but if you’re going for the magnetic look you are best off with two to prevent it being sheer in places. Just let it dry for a short time between coats.
The brush in the bottle is just right for me.
It’s not particularly chip resistant but will last a day for me. It’s last a lot longer if you don’t work with coins.

How to

  • Paint the first layer and let dry
  • Paint the second layer
  • Immediately place the magnetic cap over the nail. There is a small lip to rest on you nail bed
  • Leave for ten seconds
  • Let dry and use a top coat

So is it worth it? . Don’t expect high chip resistance. It’s a nice effect and can be used with other brands magnetic caps for different looks on each nail if you like. A good little number for your nails.