MakeUp Revolution Intense Lip Lacquers in Rebel, Paparazzi and Depravity Review & Swatch

I purchased these three Intense Lip Lacquers a little while back (just over two months ago) and in true beauty blogger fashion hadn’t opened them until I had chance to swatch them. I bought 3 colours. Depravity, Rebel and Paparazzi. They cost £3 each and are available from the Makeup Revolution website.

They’re glosses that come with doe foot applicators. You can get quite a clean edge with these and the colour is nice and strong.
Depravity is perhaps the one with the poorest colour pay off. In the end I’ll probably use it for putting on top of my Matte Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer when I don’t want the feeling of dry lips but want the great colour pay off.
Rebel ends up being a lovely shade of crimson and Paparazzi is a lovely shade of Barbie pink. They’ve got good coverage and don’t need much product to achieve it.
As they’re glosses, they’re not very long wearing but they do make you lips feel nice without that sticky feeling.

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So while the colours are nice I have one major issue with these products.

On opening Depravity. I had no issue. It applied like a dream. It did need a second application to get a good colour but all in all, it was okay. Then I opened Paparazzi.


Oh. The plastic stopper had come out as well, meaning most of the gloss was now covering the wand and the stopped was stuck at on the lid. So I wiped the gloss off onto a clean finger and then tried to get it back in the tube. Once I did that I pulled the stopper down and off the wand, placing it back in the tube. Only of course this gloss is so thick and the magic of pressure meant it all forced it’s way out of the top again.
Which is demonstrated in the next four pictures.


So the excess has ended up in one of my spare empty pots. That’s fine it happens. Only it happened again. This time with Rebel. So that’s two out of three that this happened to. Add to that, there’s only 2 ml of product in these and I’ve wasted a whole lot of these products on the first time I’ve opened them. I was left with a serious sense of disappointment.

Would a recommend these? After this not really. There’s nothing really wrong with the products themselves. They’re decent glosses but you don’t get a lot of product. The normal colours have better coverage.
I am really disappointed with these due to the problem with the packaging.