Clone Wars – Poisonberry Dupe for £1?

I found a Poisonberry dupe, well kind of.

Makeup Revolution’s 100% Vamp is a good match for Lime Crime’s Poisonberry.

So it’s not an exact dupe but it is a nice little alternative to Lime Crime’s Poisonberry. As you can see it’s slightly pinker than Poisonberry. That can be easily fixed with a good liner such as No7’s metallic liner in Purple. In fact, any purple liner will help make it bluer should you wish to do so.

100% Vamp lipstick is creamier than Poisonberry and doesn’t dry your lips out. It also doesn’t stain in the same way as Poisonberry but you might like that. It means it doesn’t last as long. 100% Vamp also doesn’t bleed, which Poisonberry does irritatingly.

However here’s where 100% Vamp wins hands down. It costs only £1 and for that, you get 3.8g of product. Poisonberry costs £12.50 and has 3.5g of product.

So which one do you chose?