Four months of no Pink Parcel, have they improved?

Before we get into the post, this was originally titled ‘A Year of’ but spoiler alert, since there’s been no improvement I’m quitting now.


So back in January of 2019 I cancelled my Pink Parcel subscription after being with them for two and a half years. I said back then I’d be keeping an eye on them to see if it improved or if I’d just saved myself some money.

I feel like I really dodged a bullet here. It was another box full of beauty items. A sheet mask from a company that I’ve repeatedly received from PP, a lipstick, balm, toothpaste and body lotion. No improvement so far.
I also received an email from them asking me to sign back up with the offer of a free mascara. Yes more offers of makeup when that’s the reason I stopped getting the box in the first place. Shockingly I ignored it despite being sent it more than once.

Am I turning into Neo? Another bullet dodged here. This was a box of repeats bar the eyeshadow. Every other item has been in other Pink Parcels. The improvement promised in January has still not shown up.
The only thing I might have liked was the repeat of the Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil which retails for £39.90. However, I do have enough facial oil.

Another month where the Pink Parcel is a beauty box. Hand sanitiser, face wipes, body scrub, lipstick and a face mask.
I am not a fan of this box either and am wondering if the CEO’s promise of returning PP to its roots and making it unique again was worth the paper it was written on.

At this point, I think this parcel isn’t going to improve. I have to say it makes the whole CEO post look like nothing but lies.
This month, there was a sleep mask, face scrub, a face scrubber, hair mask and some protein powder. Nothing makes me want to take my subscription back up with this box.

Okay, so I am officially done with hoping this parcel was going to improve. The June box, which has more complaints on their social media than I’ve seen before isn’t inspiring at all. Sebamed mattifying face cream (which we’ve had before), a grey nail polish (why always grey?), more Bandeez, cider vinegar and a lipstick…..

It’s only been four months but I’m giving up right now. That’s it no more wondering if this box will improve. It’s clearly not going to. I’m done.

Goodbye Pink Parcel, it’s been a ride.