MakeUp Revolution Matte Lipsticks Review & Swatch – Fusion, Dare, Beloved, Divine & Nude


As part of MakeUp Revolutions extensive £1 lipstick range, they also have a set of five matte lipstick shades.

They all look impressive colours in the bullet but as with every matte lipstick of this price range, they come out more sheer than opaque.

  • Fusion – Looks a deep maroon in the bullet but comes out far lighter in person ending up with a very sheer crimson stained lip look.
  • Dare – Looks bright red in the bullet and on the lips it is also bright red. It does have the best coverage but is still very sheer.
  • Beloved – Looks a pretty pink colour in the bullet but comes out an old rose colour on my lips. In fact, it’s almost the same shade as my natural lip colour.
  • Divine – Looks Salmon in colour in the bullet but comes out more peach on the lips.
  • Nude – Looks beige in the tube and on the lips but again is very sheer, making next to no difference to my lip colour.

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The reason I do like these is they can make small changes to the colour of your lips if you’re going for the no makeup look or if you just want to look like you’ve got lip stains. They’re £1, so nice and cheap.
The reasons I don’t like these is they’re dry and hard to work with. You can’t get a smooth edge out of the bullet, you’d need a lip brush. They’re also far too sheer for my liking although you may find that an advantage.

For me they’re no winners, for those of my readers that prefer a less bold lip, you might just love these.