Lime Crime Birthday 4 Piece Eye Brush Set Review

As part of the Lime Crime 10th Birthday celebrations, they released a set of brushes. They cost $38 from Lime Crime or £35 from UK Suppliers. As always with Lime Crime, they are vegan and cruelty-free.

The 10th Birthday Brush Set features three eye brushes and one face brush for flawless results. Working with powder, cream and liquid makeup products, the cruelty-free brushes will effortlessly apply eyeshadows, highlighters and face powders with ease. The crystal-like handles are enhanced with iridescent pink star sparkles to create a confetti effect. The vegan bristles are tipped in pink for a hint of unicorn magic. The bristles won’t shed or leave streaky blotches when applying your favourite pigmen

There are four brushes in this set. Fluffy highlighter brush with a very soft top for dusting your face. A round angled shadow brush for blending our eyeshadow. An angled paddle shadow brush to amplify vivid shades and get into the crease and shape the outer corner. A flat liner/brow brush for smoking out the lash line.



I love these they’re very soft and well made. I use the highlighter brush constantly. I’ve found a second use for the flat liner brush and that’s using it for cut creases. The shadow brushes I use less.


The confetti on the inside is super cute and holographic. They’re fun to keep turning around and watch it fall. The ends also have the double-headed unicorn on. The ferrule is the same blue metal as the ends with Lime Crime printed on it.

I like these brushes. I wish there’d been a more standard blending brush I use so many of them. However it’s always worth trying something new out, you never know what you might find you can do.

If you’d like a set they cost $38 from Lime Crime or £35 from UK Suppliers.