Revolution Beauty x British Beauty Blogger, Fortune Favours the Brave Palette – Review & Swatches

Fortune Favours the Brave is the original collaboration palette from Revolution Beauty. It costs £9.99 online or in your local store. There’s 15g of product and it has a 12-month shelf life once opened.


There are 30 shades included, 6 of which are baked shimmer shades. The palette includes a large mirror and a double-ended brush. The brush itself is rather nice.


  • Glimmer – Satin light gold shade with subtle shimmer
  • Buffer – Matte pink-brown transition shade
  • Peachy – Rose-gold shimmer shade
  • Hope – Metallic greyish brown
  • Fortune – Shimmery gold
  • Skylight – Blue with gold shimmer
  • Transformer – Matte Ink-blue
  • Midnight Rainbow – Saturated metallic midnight blue with shimmer


  • Ice Cloud – White with gold shimmer
  • Golden Coins – Duochrome Gold glitter
  • Cashmere – A shimmery brown
  • Tip Top – Muted Khaki shade
  • Yes Please – Shimmery Khaki gold
  • Green Machine – Sea Green shimmer
  • Smoothie – Matte dark green


  • Caffeine Fix – Matte plain dark brown
  • Latte – Matte terracotta brown
  • Pink Diamond – Shimmery ice pink with white glitter
  • Creme – Matte creme shade
  • Drama Queen – Satin Burgundy
  • Lonely Planet – Blue and purple satin with hints of pink shimmer
  • Blacqua – Matte black


  • Soft – Matte Baby pink
  • New World – White and gold shimmer
  • Favour – Wine with gold shimmer
  • Sunset Hour – Saturated rose gold with copper
  • Super Gold – Metallic foiled gold
  • Winning – Matte berry shade
  • Brave – Metallic dark purple
  • The Revolution – Chocolate brown with gold shimmer

There’s a nice spread of colours in this palette making it good for day and night looks. There’s a few that didn’t swatch well but work much better on the eye.

Green Machine for example swatched badly but does work well on the eye. I say well, it needs building as some of the others do. So it depends on what you’re looking for if you like that. I do, depending on the situation. The advantage of buildable shades is you’re less likely to make mistakes but of course, that takes more time.

Overall I like it, although it’s by far my favourite palette from Revolution. It’s quite a muted palette, so if you’re into those tones and don’t mind the odd shade that needs a little building you’ll like this.

Get yours at Revolution Beauty for £9.99