Jeffree Star Deep Cools – Weirdo, Abused, Blue Velvet, Dirty Money & Mistletoe – Review & Swatches


I love the formula of Jeffree Star’s Velour liquid lipsticks. I still feel they’re some of the best formulas on the market. They cost £16 from UK Suppliers or $18 from Jeffree’s website.

I find all of these long-lasting, very comfortable to wear and they don’t overemphasise my lip texture. I do think these are well worth the cost. Today we’re looking at 5 of the more unusual shades, Mistletoe, Dirty Money, Blue Velvet, Abused and Weirdo.


Mistletoe was a limited edition shade which is a primary green colour. This one has great coverage as you can see. It was perfect for the Christmas season


Dirty Money was one of the first shades and it’s a dirty green colour. If you’re American it’s apparently the same colour as money. I really like this shade on me.


Blue Velvet is a bright primary blue. I adore this shade. It has little coverage issues and doesn’t really smudge.


Abused is one of the more controversial shades. It’s a navy blue and could be considered the colour of a bruise. This is not the only reason it’s controversial though. It smells like aniseed and apparently, there is a bruise cream in America that smells like it. Again I like this shade as it’s on the deeper end when black is too much.


Speaking of black meet Weirdo. Despite the picture showing it as shiny (I clearly didn’t let it dry long enough) it’s not. It’s matte black. My little Goth heart loves this shade. It doesn’t smudge or budge.

They cost £16 from UK Suppliers or $18 from Jeffree’s website. Shipping costs from $8 and increases with the package size. It does not include customs charges so expect an extra £8 and 20% on top of the cost.