How to KonMari your clothes even if you’ve put on some weight

Just like a lot of people I do recommend the Konmari method for decluttering your life. I like it because unlike most other methods it’s about not what you’re getting rid of but rather what you’re keeping (which is something I noticed a lot of people seem to miss). So if you’ve seen the show and got the book but maybe haven’t read it yet or have and are just at a stop I’ve got some advice for you.


Konmari has an order to declutter your life and it starts with clothes. I often wonder if she started here because she has never had a weight issue. I wonder if it’s a cultural thing because I know for a lot of us clothes come with much deeper issues than can be found in later categories.

I see the question about weight gain and Konmari a lot on forums about decluttering. Asking about what to do when clothes no longer spark joy because you’ve put on weight or you’re worried about that maybe the only clothes that’ll spark joy are the ones that don’t fit.

So if you’re hitting that emotional or metal wall before starting or staring at a pile of clothes I want you to stop for a second and just breathe. One of the things Marie does is greet the home if you’ve not done it do it now.

Now if you don’t have the pile and you’ve not finished the book, I’d do that and if you have time pick up Spark Joy, do that too. It is more instructional but does answer some of the questions you have. If you do have the pile, you can, of course, stop and pick up the second book but you might have to sleep elsewhere, which is perfectly fine.

Visualisation is a really important part of this process. There’s a lot of science behind how this is a good thing, it’s like psyching yourself up before a game. So there’s a couple of things you can do in your head first. Thank the entire pile because we’re lucky to be able to afford all of that and to live in the way we do. Then imagine it all back in place after you’ve decluttered. Imagine your drawers, your hanging space, image how easy life is being able to just find things. Imagine running your hands over the folded clothes and finding that top you love really easily. Imagine putting on clothes you like all the time. The feel of the fabric, how good you look and how nice you feel.

If you’re ready to start, go for it. If not, don’t panic, I have more advice.

The next thing to remember is it’s totally okay to get emotional on this journey. Cry, scream, sulk, it’s all okay no matter your age or gender. It’s time to let it all out and as a result, let it go.

The other thing is this is about what you’re keeping which I know I’ve said once but I think it bears repeating. If there is something you really love, keep it. Even if it’s old, broken or doesn’t fit but you find it sparks joy, keep it. There’s no shame in keeping things. This is about keeping the right things for you.

Now if you’re still worried and struggling with the clothes that don’t fit and are not sure what to do, I have three final suggestions. You can keep them and move on. There is no shame at all in coming back to your clothes for another look once you have done everything else. Most people do and by then we’ve all got a better sense of what sparks joy. The next is to make yourself a capsule wardrobe of items that don’t fit. That way when you lose the weight you still have something to wear and it’ll take up less space in the meantime. The last is to just get rid of them now. Just bag them up to go and let them go. Unless there is a serious piece you have an emotional attachment, keep that and get rid of the rest. This is the best option. Do not hold onto things that don’t give you joy, just in case.

So there are a few tips I’ve found on Konmari’ing my clothes after a weight gain. I hope you found this helpful! Let me know any tips you have in the comments below.