The Repunzal DUO in Ariel


I discovered this brush at the Hair UK trade show this year. I was attracted by the pretty colours if I am going, to be honest, but it turns out that was a good thing.


It’s a detangler brush in its simplest form. As you can see from the above shot the bristles are widely spaced and of varying lengths. This means you can use it on wet hair and it’ll cause a whole lot less damage than a regular brush. I\ve found it perfect for brushing through my hair both wet and dry. It takes a little getting used to as it doesn’t really grip the hair, more glides through it.


It’s also got a hidden gem in the handle. Mine did get a little squashed but it works just as well. It’s a little hair remover for the brush itself. I have to admit while it’s a nice touch I find hair really easy to remove without it at all.

It costs £18.99 online for this design but there is a regular brush shape for £19.99. The handle on the Ariel design isn’t particularly easy to grip due to the shape. So should you have trouble gripping items the regular brush would be the better version. However, I like it better than my usual brush. My hair does feel better with this brush. I’d recommend it.