Lime Crime Pearlees in Denim And Penny Review & Swatch


One of my favourite brands despite it’s past is Lime Crime. I rather fell for the Pearlees formula. It was certainly not my favourite but for a bullet metallic lipstick with one swipe coverage, it could not be beaten. Two of the standouts from this collection were Demin and Penny.


Denim is as the name suggests a deep denim blue. This one has slight coverage issues but with the metallic shine, most people aren’t going to notice. It lasts very well for a bullet lipstick but does need reapplying after food.


The same can be said for Penny. Penny is the same colour as a penny both here in and in America. It’s such a unique colour that I keep coming back to it.

Lime Crime has recently raised postage costs. it’s now $20.95 to the UK. 😢 You can still get Lime Crime from UK suppliers but I suspect the cost will rise too.