Revolution Pro Regeneration Trends Celestial Palette Review

The Celestial Trends palettes is the first of the Pro palettes that I bought. I picked this one first not only because it’s very pretty but also because it’s very different to anything I own. It costs £8 from Revolution Beauty or Superdrug.

There’s 14.4g of product and it has a 12 month shelf like once opened.

Based on warm pinks and cool blues, Celestial features a mix of silky mattes and stunning cosmic marbled shimmers.


They swatch well as you can see. The matte shadows are really pigmented. Black Hole is the only expectation and seems to be less of a pure black and more of a grey. It’s a very interesting spread of colours. Predominantly pink toned with a couple of greens and purples thrown in. However, this is how I feel it falls down. There are too many shades that are pink and very similar to one another.

I used it in my Rev Pro first impressions and while I do like it I feel the lack of depth and variation lets it down. I do still like it. How pretty the marbled shadows are is what sold it to me. If you’re looking to do a complete look with a palette this is probably not the one for you.

Get it at RevolutionBeauty for £8.

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