I Heart Revolution Surprise Eggs

The I Heart Revolution Surprise eggs are a great alternative to Easter Eggs for the beauty addict. Low calorie and fun, let us take a closer look.

They cost £5 each from either the Revolution Beauty website or Superdrug but they are limited edition so don’t wait too long. There are 6 eggs in this range. Angel, Unicorn, Mermaid, Rose Gold, Dragon and Gold. Each egg contains 5 individual shadows and two highlighters. The shadows weigh in total 2.5g and the highlighters are 4.2g in total.
The eggs can be split down a little more as those that are more suitable for light/medium skin tones and medium/dark skin tones.

Dragon Vegan Symbol


The Dragon egg is a lovely red egg full if warm tones to create the perfect fiery eye. There are two matte shades in this one, one that’s a good transition shade. along with three foils.  There are two highlighters as well, both are creamy golden tones more suited to medium skin tones.


Rose Gold


The Rose Gold egg is a light golden egg that’s full of rosy tones. There is one matte rose shade and four shimmers that can be foiled. This one is good for cooler undertones. The two highlights are pink toned one darker than the other. Again this one is more suited to light/medium skin tones.


Gold Vegan Symbol


The Gold egg is full of neutral tones. This one has only two shimmers which can be foiled. The rest are mattes so you can create a nice everyday look. The highlighters are deeper in colour and will suit medium/dark skin tones. The most striking of the two is the rich gold highlighter. Such a beautiful colour.


Angel Vegan Symbol


The Angel egg is a cute little iridescent egg featuring a mix of neutral and pink tones. There’s one matte colour in this one, it’s a brown shadow that can be used as a transition shade. There is a mix of cool and warm in this palette making it a more friendly to all undertones. The highlighters are either bright white or a shiny pink. So while it might work well with most undertones, this one is better suited to the fair/light skin depth of tone.


Unicorn Vegan Symbol


The Unicorn egg is another cute little iridescent egg this time full of lovely cool toned colours. All of the shadows in this one are shimmer and they blend beautifully. There are two light highlighters. One slightly pink and the other with a purple cast. This egg is definitely suited to fair to light skin tones.


Mermaid Vegan Symbol


The Mermaid egg has a collection of four blue shadows, one of which is a satin rather than shimmer. There’s also one bronze shade doe a nice contrast. The two highlighters are white toned again, one almost being pure white and the other with a blue shift. best for people with fair to light skin tone.


They’re all very pigmented especially the foils. I’ve found the blues need a little work but do blend out nicely. The only disadvantage is they really aren’t complete palettes, you really need other colours to get a whole look. Also, one of the highlighters in each of the eggs is also less finely milled than the other. It doesn’t really affect the performance of the highlighter though. I like these, obviously, I like the ones that suit my skin tone better but they’re fun for adults who’d rather avoid chocolate and for maybe that young family member who’s just getting into MakeUp.

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