Revolution Beauty Sale Haul


MakeUp Revolution had a massive sale on recently and I got a little over excited and broke my low buy. Oh well. They’d also teamed up with Superdrug to offer a free palette and well I had to get that too. Had too, in the sense of not at all.

I did it anyway so let see all the goodies I got, shall we?

  • We’ll start at the top and move left to right. Starting then with the Obsession Ultimate Marble Brush set for £18. This really was an impulse purchase as I was really after the sponge but the set does include a solid brush cleaner (the MUR one is awesome). I’m quite enjoying using those brushes.
  • Next was something I’d been wanting since Christmas, the Retro Luxe Lip vault. Lip products are my weakness and I really wanted this. Sadly Santa was not compliant so I bought it myself. It was £25.
  • The Life on the Dancefloor Sparklers palette is next. It cost me just £5 in the sale and I chose it for two reasons. To see if they’ve improved the bright eyeshadow formula and to use in a MakeUp Break up style video.
  • We all know I’m a huge Revolution fan, so when I saw this Cosmetic Bag Set for just £3 I couldn’t pass them up.
  • I bought myself two new Pro MakeUp Eraser Towel for £5 each. I have three already and I think they’re great but they’re constantly in the wash so I wanted a few more.
  • The I Heart MakeUp brush set is no longer available. I wanted to snag one before they were gone as I use the angled brush for my eyebrows daily.
  • The Handbag Hacks Mini Mattifying set was only £1.80. Really I was happy with an extra bag and the sponge for that, the mattifying balm I hate.
  • Lastly, I wanted a more liquid concealer to try for cut creases. The Freedom MakeUp Pro Conceal and Correct was 75p but was actually not worth it. I’m not going to do a review as it’s a discontinued item.

For the Superdrug part of the haul, we have some new items and some replacements.

  • Flawless 4 was something I bought for the rosey tones in the palette. I wanted to se if could be considered a good dupe for the Venus XL. It was £8.
  • Below that is the Bake & Finish Ghost Powder. I needed another translucent powder and MakeUp Revolution don’t seem to make a pressed colourless one. This one is £5.
  • I bought a replacement for my Aqua Seal as I’ve completely used that up. It cost me £3.
  • Much loved by many a blogger is the Conceal and Define Concealer in C1, costing only £4, I was excited to try this out.
  • The Platinum Ingot Highlighter is just £4 and has a lot of product. I know this was in an Anti-Haul but it appears to be pure white. I will be testing this out.
  • Lastly was the free palette I got from Superdrug. They did one last year and I wanted to get the new one. I’m not 100% sold on it but can’t wait to try it out. I’m sure the highlighter is amazing.

So that was my haul. What did you think? Would you like to see a review on a particular product? let me know in the comments section below.