Rolling Project Pan Update 1

What is it?

Rolling Project Pans are a little bit different to your regular use it up projects. The aim instead of using the whole thing up is to just hit pan (see the bottom) of the product and then move onto another one.

This particular Rolling Project Pan (#projectonepan) is more suited to powder products with multiple colours in a palette. It was designed for a few reasons. The first was to prevent panning boredom which often happens when using one product constantly. The second was to get some use out of the collection of eyeshadow palettes I’ve collected over the past few years. The final reason was to find out which ones did not suit my needs and declutter them from my collection.

If you’d like to join me, you of course can. Leave me a comment here or on my YouTube video and let me know what palette you’re using. Don’t forget to use the tag on social media so I can find you.

If you’d like to know how I’ve done, click the video above.