Omen Polish by Illamasqua Review & Swatch

llamasqua’s Omen nail polish. It costs £15.00 from the Illamasqua website.

Omen is described as a ‘Paranormal Bright Green’.

It’s a lime green with very small silver glitter in it. You could call it a radioactive green You can barely notice the glitter it is so fine, it just gives the colour an extra dimension.
It’s also UV reactive. It has a brilliant green glow under UV lights. Fantastic for Halloween or night clubs.

The brush in the bottle is a little thin for my liking, I prefer paddle brushes but that’s a minor thing.
It’s opaque in one coats and but doesn’t really have a shine. That can be fixed with a good top coat.
It’s nice and chip resistant given the glitter content and will last a good couple of days.

So is it worth it? Yes, very much so. I love this polish. I love the green colour. I love that it’s UV reactive. I really really love this polish.