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Lisa I:…

1: what kind of eye primer do you use and why? liquid eye primer or shadow stick?
2a: What color eye shadow makes you feel bold and pretty at the same time?
2b: What eye shadow color do you least like to wear and why?
3: do you wear liquid or pencil eye liner? black or brown liner?
4: Covergirl or maybelline mascara? Come on, you know you are one way or the other.
5: IF you could have your brows permanently done or not wear any blush for the rest of your life which would you choose?
6: Does your best friend or you wear more makeup?
7: Who taught you how to do makeup?
8: Are you a fan of cream products? (Blush, bronzer, contour, etc?) why or why not?
9: Are you a project panner? what projects are you in right now?
10: setting spray: Do you believe in it? Which is your holy grail?