Melange nail polish by Illamasqua Review & Swatch

Melange from Illamasqua is described as a golden teal with a matte finish. It costs £14.50 online or your nearest counter.

It’s definitely teal, the greener end of teal. The gold from the gold microglitter contained in it. It’s a wonderful shade and reminds me of old English houses. It’s that kind of green. I’d not say it’s matte though. It’s got a definite shine, if a little dull. Kind of like old well used pottery.

I did use a top coat and got a great picture. This one is also in natural sunlight, rather than indoors and you can see how pretty it is.

The only thing wrong with it is the brush. It’s not very wide but that’s the standard Illamasqua brush.
It is opaque after one coat and therefore dries quickly. It’s quite chip resistant but not overly so.
All in all I love it.