Clone Wars – Lime Crime Styletto vs MakeUp Academy Raven

It’s another Lime Crime Dupe post!
This time it’s Raven by MakeUp Academy, it’s an exact match for Styletto by Lime Crime.

I love the packaging on LC’s lipsticks but the lids crack so easily and it feels like cheap plastic. Once the lids crack they won’t stay on. MUA’s lipsticks also feels like cheap plastic but for the price, I really wasn’t expecting more.

Where the MUA lipsticks fare better is they aren’t drying. They have a much more buttery texture.
Also if you’re not a fan of fragrance in your lipsticks, you’ll prefer MUA’s because there is no fragrance at all. It doesn’t really need a liner but one can be used to increase the longevity of Raven.

Lastly cost. This is where MakeUp Academy wins hands down.

  • Lime Crime’s lipsticks cost £12.50 from UK retailers. It has 3.5g of product in it.
  • MakeUp Academy lipsticks cost £1 from UK retailers. It has 3.8g of product in it.

No I didn’t make a typing error, these dupes really do cost just £1 with more product. So if you’re in love with Styletto but don’t want to pay a ridiculous price, find Lime Crime’s lipsticks drying or just can’t stand Doe Deere’s behaviour here’s a great alternative.

(Lipstick on my lips is Raven)