Barry M’s Textured Polish Review & Swatch

Meet the textured nail paints by Barry M. It’s a set of matte textured nail polishes that costs £3.99 either online or at your high street retailer.

Ridley Road
It’s a light green textured polish. It’s the perfect pastel mint green for spring.

Atlantic Road
A lovely sky blue polish with a rough texture.

Kingsland Road
A very light pink, the colour of strawberry ice cream.

Station Road
To be perfectly blunt I am not a fan of yellow polish. This is a matt canary yellow and it didn’t really shout at me until I noticed that it does have very small particles of glitter in it. While I found them hard to photograph they do show up on the nail. It actually makes this a very quirky manicure.

It’s easy to apply. You need a thinner base coat of the colour and once that’s dry a nice thick layer on top will make it pretty much perfect. It takes a little longer than normal to dry so just watch out for that.
It’s got good chip resistance and doesn’t need a top coat.
It’s textured, so it is as much of a pain to remove as you’d expect.

They’re cute and interesting. I like them a lot.