OCC Lip Tar Mixing Tray Review

Meet the OCC Lip Tar Mixing Tray. It’s a little plastic tray that has just five wells in which you can mix unique colours from your lips tars. It costs £3.95 from Cocktail Cosmetics.

Now I love this little thing but it’s quite expensive for a bit of plastic. It’s also not watertight. If you didn’t know the lip tars are liquid lipsticks, so unless you keep this flat it leaks. It’s supposed to be good to carry around but I’d not advise it, not with lip tars.

It’s also not very easy to clean if you get lip tar in the joints. It also won’t withstand too much dropping. A drop onto concrete will break this, especially the hinges.

I use it all the time for lipsticks. I’ve depotted a few and now can carry them around when I mix custom colours. I also use it to carry around the mixing medium I use for my eyebrows.

So it’s great but not brilliant. It’s a nice little thing if you mix your own colours but there are other cases that do this better.