MakeUp Academy Luxe Nail Foil Review

MakeUp Academy Luxe range includes a set of Metallic Nail Foils. They cost £5 each and include a nail polish, six different foil colours and tree of each and glue.

I bought the set called ’Star Shine’. The foil colours in this set are red, blue, silver, gold, light green and peach. The nail varnish shade included is Pistachio Ice Cream.


  • Apply two coats of polish and let dry
  • Apply the glue on dabs and let it go tacky.
  • Press foil down, shiny side up and then pull away.
  • Repeat until the nail is covered.
  • Finish with a top coat.

I have to be honest I don’t really like this set. The base colour just doesn’t seem to work with the foils provided. A darker colour would have been much better as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t like the applicator for the glue. It’s simply a short stubby stick and gives you very little control. Also, the glue itself is clear so it’s hard to tell when it’s ready. It makes the results hit and miss.
The other issue I have is even with a top coat this is an extremely fragile manicure. Even with a top coat (I used the MUA one) if you knock it, it will start to come off. Once it’s damaged the sticky residue of the glue starts to pick up dust.

It’s a good look for a night out with the right base but it wouldn’t last all day. It’s a lot of effort but could be worth it. A different applicator or even glue might fix some of the application issues. I honestly can’t recommend it though. There’s better foil system out there.