MakeUp Academy Too Much Fun Gloss Review & Swatch

Too Much Fun is a sheer lip gloss from Makeup Academy. It costs £1 from the MUA website or from Superdrug. It has 15ml of product.

It’s a bright pink. It’s a sheer lip gloss so all you’re going to get is a hint of colour which is exactly what it does. It can be put directly onto the lips for a natural look or layered over a lipstick to give it a nice shine.
It comes in a tube with a flattened nozzle so you spread it directly onto your lips. I like this tube for the application. It’s easy to take out as this is all you need to apply it.
The texture is just right. It stays put, is not too runny or thick. It does have a sweet smell which you may or may not like. I personally like the smell.
It’ll stay put for a few hours but like any lip gloss, it won’t outlast drink or a meal. Given the cost that’s not a big issue.

Do I recommend this? I’m not a lip gloss person but I do like this. If you’re into natural looking glosses this is well worth it.