Illamasqua Perseid Nail Polish Review & Swatch

Far Far Away

Illamasqua’s Perseid nail polish. It’s costs £14.50 from the Illamasqua website. You get 15ml of product.

Perseid is described as a galactic black glitter, glossy finish.

It’s a black glitter polish. In the bottle there is a myriad of colours including green and dark blue. The glitter is all aurora and it looks amazing.

Once I got it on my nails however I HATED it.
The shimmer you see in the bottle was gone. The application was chunky and a mess. One coat and I was left with a sheer mess on my nails and barely any glitter. A second coat didn’t help much so I resorted to dabbing it on to get good coverage. It looked just like dark blue nails with a bad uneven finish in anything other than fluorescent lights. Then you could see the glitter but there was no depth to the polish at all.

Being it is a glitter polish, it’s a nightmare to remove and so not worth it. I’ve tried it a couple of times and and can say I hate it. So I’m giving it away. The one I used here is up for grabs to someone in the UK.

Is it worth it? No. I didn’t like the application or then end result on my nails. Stay away from this