Optimist Polish by Illamasqua Review & Swatch

Illamasqua’s Optimist nail polish. It’s costs £14.50 from the Illamasqua website. You get 15ml of product.

Optimist is described as a warm yellow, rubber finish.

It’s definitely a warm yellow, in fact it’s almost orange. It’s the colour of a corn fed free range egg yolk. The finish is not quite matt could certainly be described as a rubber look.
It’s opaque in one good coat or two less well done ones. It is chip resistant so will last a couple of days. Due to the finish you can’t use a top coat otherwise it spoils the finish.
Unfortunately it did stain my nails when removing this. I was not very impressed.
The bottle brush is thin but it doesn’t leave marks when applying the polish to the nails. I’d like the brush to be a little thicker but it’s certainly not a bad brush.

Is it worth it? No because it stained my nails. It took a day or two for the colour to go.