MUA’s Power Pout full collection review

So I don’t know if you’re aware but it’s still bitterly cold out there (at least if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere). Winter is definitely still here. I was thinking about that and how much I love MUA’s Power Pout because they do two jobs at once. These aren’t just your ordinary lip crayons. These are a combined lip balm and colour. So an absolute saviour for chapped lips.

I’ve already reviewed Irreplaceable here. However I wanted to post all of these together because I really do adore them so much.

They come in a range of 6 colours, Irreplaceable, Broken Hearted, Justify, Runway, Crazy in Love and Rendezvous. As they’re not just lip colours they aren’t as opaque as they look. However they do give good colour on the lips as well as being good at moisturising the lips.

  • Broken Hearted is a dark pink colour
  • Irreplaceable is a soft pink colour
  • Justify is orange in colour
  • Runway is an orange red colour
  • Crazy in Love is plum coloured
  • Rendezvous is cinnamon in colour

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The packaging is plastic and the colour is rolled up by twisting the silver part at the bottom. I like this better than actual chubby pencils as a lot of colour gets wasted when you have to sharpen it. Unfortunately they’re not vegan as they do contain beeswax.

Here’s the best bit. They cost £3 each. A bargain. Go on treat yourself and your lips. You know you want to!

They’re available online at the MUA store or on the high street at Superdrug.