Mud Pie nails polish from MakeUp Academy review & swatch

Makeup Academy’s nail polish in Mud Pie costs £1 from MUA online or from your local Superdrug. You get 6.2ml of product for that price.

It’s simply described as brown. It is brown but I’d describe it as clay mud brown.

Please excuse the label on this bottle, the sticker has started to wear off. With the new design of the bottle this will not happen with your polish.
The new design also includes an improved brush. That’s great because the brush in this is simply awful. Given it’s a £1 polish I wasn’t expecting it to be prefect. While the old brush makes the application slightly sloppy. the new brush has no such issues.
It’s not very chip resistant, a top coat will help greatly. However this costs a pound. I’m not expecting high chip resistance. It’s lasted two days on me on occasions which is a great performance.
It has a lovely shine on it and doesn’t pick up on the flaws in my nail surface.

I really like this polish, if not the colour so much. I’m much more of a bright nail person. It’s a nice neutral nail polish if that’s what you’re looking for.

I’d certainly recommend this. It’s cheap and very good for the price.