Lime Crime Hot Stuff Brush Set

The Hot Stuff brush set from Lime Crime costs $38 or £35 from UK Suppliers. They are vegan and cruelty-free.


The Hot Stuff Brush set is sure to set your heart on fire! 3 essential liquid glitter face brushes will complete you and your makeup brush collection. The flaming hot brush set features cruelty-free, ultra-soft, red-pink ombre fibers and dreamy heart glitter that floats through the handles to sparkle & move as you work your makeup magic. Features 3 cruelty-free face brushes to be used with powder, contour, and blush – or any other way your heart desires! Packed in a flaming red-hot gift box.

There are three brushes in this set a pointed blush brush, a fluffy powder brush and an angled contour brush. They are a graduated red colour with heart-shaped confetti in the wands. The metal is a very light pink and of course they feature the double-headed unicorn on the bottom. The words Lime Crime are printed on the light pink metal ferrule.

So let’s look at the brushes

The fluffy powder brush isn’t very dense so it’s really good for brushing on and brushing off face powder. It’s not really for a heavy application but that’s perfect for the average person. It leaves a nice finish.
The pointed blush brush is a rounded tip brush which is great for applying powder blush and blending it out. It’s much denser than the fluffy powder brush and good at its job.
The angled contour brush is great of defined placement of contour or blush. It places product well and blends it out nicely too.

I like this set and can see it ending up in regular use.

The Hot Stuff brush set from Lime Crime costs $38 or £35 from UK Suppliers.