Wizarding World Swish and Flick Brush​ Set Review

The Wizarding World Swish and Flick Brush set is available from Boots for £20. It’s part of the Christmas gift sets, so part of the 3 for 2. It is cruelty-free and vegan.

This is a set of Five brushes with handles in the shape of characters wands.  The handles are made of metal and quite heavy but as a result, feel-good quality. on a couple of them due to the shape, mostly Voldemorts wand, they can be a little awkward to hold. It’s a minor thing but I think that his wand might have been better for the highlighter as you need to use it less. They’re also duo-fibre, which helps with the blending aspects of the brushes.

So let us look at the wands/brushes.

  • Voldemorts Eyeshadow Brush – This one is best at placement and blending. It’s got a nice pointed tip which means you can place product and blend it out.
  • Ron Wesley Fan Brush – It’s a fan brush for highlighter. It picks up product well.
  • Hermione Liner Brush – Good for liquid liners and detail work, the small tip if this is good for a precise line.
  • Harry Potter Crease Brush – This one is an angled shadow brush, I use this one more for placing outer corner colour than anything else.
  • Dumbledore Shading Brush – Nice soft bristles make this good for the job but I also find it useful for deepening my crease colour.

I like these brushes. They’re sold and good quality. I definitely recommend these for your harry potter fan.

You can get yours at Boots for £20.