Wizarding World Harry Potter Colour Changing Lipsticks

The Harry Potter colour changing lipsticks are £10 from Boots. They’re part of the Christmas 3 for 2 promotion. They are cruelty-free but not vegan. They have a 12-month shelf life once opened.



There is, of course, one for each of the houses, the bullet matching the house colour. They don’t go on the lips the same colour as in the bullet. They all shift slightly different shade of pink.


They’re also quite sheer, so how visible the difference on your lips is going to depend on how pigmented your lips are. I found the texture of these to be kind of waxy but given they’re really only £2.50 each it’s not an issue.

Gryffindor Lipstick
Slytherin Lipstick
Ravenclaw Lipstick
Hufflepuff Lipstick

The only identifier on these of the house is the bullet and the lid. All that is a print on the side. It’s not a very sleek design, in fact, it’s very cheap. They’re okay for the price but unless you’re a fan of sheer pink lipstick then I’d pass.

If you’d like yours they’re available exclusively at Boots.