LA Splash in Sangre Azul and Vindictive Review & Swatch

LA Splash is a little American brand that exploded a few years ago. I have two of their formulas, the Studio Shine and the Lip Couture formulas.


They cost $14 each from the LASplash website or from UK suppliers for around £7.

I have the Studioshine formula in Sangre Azul. It’s the most incredible metallic navy blue.


I also have the Lip Couture formula in Vindictive. It’s a blue toned grey and is the most beautiful colour.


I cannot fault either of these for coverage or staying power.

I’m going to be honest here when they first came out the formulas were the best on the market. They’re incredibly long lasting, they come in a great range of colours. They are however really drying and incredibly hard to get off. You can’t use more than one layer otherwise they start to crumble and once they wear away at the centre of the lips you then have to remove it all.  I can’t really recommend them these days. There are far better ones on the market. However, if you’re going out and want one that doesn’t budge this might be for you.