Revolution Pro Supreme Highlighter Ice Review & Swatch

From the new Revolution Pro line comes a brand new set of highlighters. There’s three to chose from each containing 3 different shades. They cost £6 each and come with 11.1g of product. The choice is from Ice, Gold and Metals. Of course being on the light end of the skin depth spectrum I chose Ice as in both of the others there is at least one shade I won’t be able to use.


The Ice palette contains three white based highlighters. A stunning blue, Champagne and pink shift. The formula of these is very very soft. I was expecting them to be baked but they’re not at all. I even managed to damage it when trying to take a macro shot and once you touch a brush to it you can see where it’s been.

Highlighter is something Revolution beauty does really well and this is no exception.


I used it for the first time on camera and I was stunned at how great they are. I was using a fairly light hand and a fan brush and ended up with a high shine. I mean look at these swatches.


Good right?

This palette is soft and you need very little. I can’t believe I almost passed on a palette that makes me want to destash (almost) every highlighter I own and keep this.

If you like a highlighter that’s bold you’re going to love this one. Get it at RevolutionBeauty or Superdrug.

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  1. I’m so glad these are better than the larger pro palettes,. I was a bit underwhelmed by those. These look super pretty! X

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