Barry M Holographic Eye Toppers Review & Swatch

Barry M‘s Holographic eye toppers cost £4.99 from your local stockist. This is one of those products that despite being labelled holographic is more duo chrome. There are 4 colours in this range.


  • Supernova is a green/gold shift with a blue base
  • Asteroid is a blue/purple shift with a slight green sheen
  • Luna is a blue/purple shift with a blue base
  • Star Dust is a Purple/pink shift.


They dry down on the eye for all-day wear. I did find that they would move the colour I used as my base shadow if I was a little too heavy handed on the application. However, given the shine, you really couldn’t tell unless you were going to be checking out the colour of my iris.

They’re sheer on the first coat but if you do let them dry they will take a second coat that will be much more opaque. That does mean they can be used alone if you so wish. Of course being cream they don’t really blend out, so more suited to cut creases but they’re incredibly pretty.

They’re quite a good dupe for Lime Crime’s Diamond Dews, just with less giltter. It’s a shame the range is so limited in colour. I do like these.