Project Pan Update January 2015

Project Pan update for 2015

So the first update is one empty eyeshadow pan, one eyeliner and one foundation.

The eyeshadow pan is Lime Crime, it’s from the Alchemy set. It’s Spellbound and yes you can see glitter in there. I did use the empty pan to mix glitter in. Will I repurchase? No, it’s not available.

The liner was a limited edition L’oreal Super Liner. I really loved this and will eventually go back for the normal black version.

The foundation was Neal’s Yard Cosmetics Mineral foundation. It’s nice and it gave good coverage. However, I already have a very pale face and this was not a matt foundation. I’m not likely to buy this again but it is a very good mineral foundation and very very light. So if you’re looking for a dewy look mineral foundation this is a good one.