Sparkle Baby Palette from Sugarpill Review & Swatches

It’s finally here! The Sparkle Baby palette has arrived. It costs from Sugarpill direct or from UK suppliers.

Now as you can see from the pictures above I don’t actually have the palette but I do have all the colours separately. They’re a collection of shimmery colours to highlight your life.

  • Kitten Parade – a warm peach colour with a gold shimmer
  • Hotsy Totsy – A hot pink with a slight blue shimmer
  • Frostine – A very pale lilac shimmer shade
  • Candycrush – A pale aqua blue with lots of shimmer

All four of these have shimmer to a varying degree. Three of which are the cutest pastel shades I’ve seen in a long time. Frostine and Candycrush lose a bit of the depth of colour when applied to the eyes however it makes them perfect highlight shades. If you use a sealant like Aqua seal from Makeup Revolution, it will stop that from happening so much. Kitten Parade is an absolutely stunning shade and works very well as a blush too. It has its own built-in highlighter.

They’re as soft and as blendable as you’d expect from Sugarpill. The only exception is Hotsy Totsy, which is more powdery than usual. It takes a little more work than the others but it’s still a good shadow.

I love these for my pastel days and kitten parade for a blush. Well worth the money as they are multi-use.