IMATS 2014 Haul

My IMATS haul.

So I went all out and repurchased the whole of the Sugarpill Sparkle baby colours. I broke one of them and messed up another when I didn’t have my new storage unit (video coming soon!). I also went for Olivia. It’s such a great shade and I can not wait to use it.

I also went back to the EyeKandy stall because I am running out of the sugar that you use to turn glitter into eyeliner. I ended up buying the black glitter because it was a bargain!

I also stopped by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics because I wanted the Tarred and Feathered duo. I ended up buying pool boy because the pigmentation is simply awesome. I really don’t need another blue but I am sure I can use it.

Lastly at the back are a couple of real looking temporary tattoos. They’re made by a company called Tattooed Now. I have one on my arm that they were doing for free and it looked good for about three days before it started rubbing off. They do custom ones as well, so check them out.

The one thing I did forget was Karla Powells face charts. I spent a long time watching her work but I didn’t get to talk to her as she had so many people wanting to do the same. I completely blanked that I wanted them, plus I didn’t see them for sale. It is possible they’d all gone by the Sunday.