Sleek Makeup iDivine Primer Palette Review

Now here’s something I wish I’d googled before I bought. This is Sleek’s Primer Palette. It costs £7.99 from your local stockist or online at their store.

Sleeks description of the palette:
The Sleek Primer i-Divine contains 12 coloured eye primers perfectly designed to use with all Sleek MakeUP i-DIVINE Palettes. The long-lasting formula is specially designed to breath a new lease of life into your eyeshadows.

Well that sounds all good but no. It does not do what I expect primers to do, which is extend the life of my shadows. I have oily lids so I’m always looking for a good primer. I thought with the colours in here they would really make my eye shadows pop. It’s an awful primer. My shadow lasted as long as it would have without any primer at all. The texture of these primers is far too oily to make it a good primer. If you’ve got dry lids this may work as a primer, otherwise they really won’t.

The colour pay off in the swatches is really good but once you get it on the lid it’s not as strong. It’s still a good pay off of colour given you’re supposed to be putting shadow on top of these. If you use it with a good primer they give a nice boost to the colour you place on top.

Alternatively you can use it to slightly change the colour you’re using. I placed the red one under a light orange shadow. It changed it to a more coral tone. The same could be done for the others.

All in all a terrible primer palette but can be used to boost the colour of shadows or change them if required. So all in all not a horrible waste of money, just needs to be used in a more inventive way.