MakeUp Academy Black Pearl Nail Caviar Review

Caviar anyone? Don’t eat it, it really doesn’t taste very nice! However it looks good on your nails.

This particular set of nail caviar is from MakeUp Academy’s Fashionista range and the colour is Black Pearl. It’s a combination of black, white and light teal pearls. It’s costs £4.00 from Superdrug or online.

It’s not particularly hard to apply but does come off quite easily. It has a wear time of about a day. The balls themselves are only coated in the colour and it rubs of quite easily. There are a couple of tips to make it last longer.


  • Get a bowl, a piece of paper and your nail polish.
  • Use a base coat and paint all your nails either a complimentary or contrasting colour
  • Once dry use a top coat that’s slightly old and thicker. Paint the nail, thickly with the top coat.
  • Straight away pour the nail caviar over the wet nail.
  • While it’s setting push the little balls at the end of the nail down, to create a smooth edge.
  • Then press down the caviar on the nail gently to anchor them into place.
  • If you’re doing your other nails, repeat the above process.
  • To extend the longevity, paint a little top coat on the very end of your nails.

You can if you want, put a top coat over the caviar to really keep it on but it does ruin the look.

To take it off you need to put a generous amount of nail polish remover on a cotton wool ball and hold it on the nail for a minute. The balls should slide off. If not repeat until they do.

So are these worth it? Yes. They look great for an accent nail and given the price the wear issues with these aren’t a big problem.