Go Compare – Sugarpill’s Heartbreaker palette vs Lime Crime’s Aquatænia Palette

I decided to do this post back when Lime Crime first showed off their Aquatænia Palette. At first glance the palettes have similar colours but given I didn’t have Heart Breaker or Aquatænia in person I didn’t feel right making a judgement call. So once Heart Breaker arrived, I waited for the Aquatænia palette to be released and purchased it too.

I’ve now had both of these palettes and have had a chance to play with both of them. So let’s start with the price. Both palettes are $34.99. Lime Crime charges $10.95 shipping and Sugarpill charges $8 to the UK. That makes each pallet roughly £30 in total. Now Sugarpill has only 4 colour but Lime Crimes has 5. The difference is the quantity. Each Sugarpill shadow is 4g, whereas Lime Crime’s shadows are only 1.5g. So you get 7.5g in total in the Lime Crime’s Palette and 16g in the Sugarpill palette. The Lime Crime Palette is actually twice as expensive.

So let us get to the palettes.


With the Sugarpill palette you get a mirrored lid and a simple black cardboard surround. The colours themselves look matt in the palette but when applied they all have a slight sheen apart from Velocity.


With Lime Crime you get a cute purple tin and five colours rather than four. The colours themselves are all shimmery, with glitter. This is to create a ‘wet’ look.

As you can see from the pictures above they look similar.

Here’s the swatches



You can see better in the sunlight that they are very very similar. The Aquatænia palette has much more shimmer.
Velocity and Nautilus Prime are very close. Nautilus Prime has much more shimmer. Seahorse Discourse is more yellow than Acidberry. Atlanteal is a lighter teal than Mochi. 2AM, however, is a much deeper purple than Pearl-ple.

So, What do I think? Well while I’m a sucker for shiny eye shadows but put together I much much prefer the Heartbreaker colours. Also while I love the little purple tins, I do like the mirror in the Heartbreaker palette. Price-wise Lime Crime is so very expensive for so little of a shadow of much lower quality. Lime Crime has a history that means I will not be repurchasing this palette.
I’ll probably use the LC palette more but will look to purchase dupes rather than replace them.

As for if this is a copy or just a coincidence only Doe can answer that one. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?