Revolution Pro Pigment Pomades Review and Swatches

Revolution Pro has released a set of pomades in unusual colours. People with brightly coloured hair can now rejoice as there is likely one that’ll suit you or at the very least one or two that be mixed to create the perfect colour.

They cost £5 each from Revolution Beauty and Superdrug. They have 2.5g of product and a 12-month shelf life once opened. They are vegan and cruelty-free.

I bought 6 of them. Burgandy Red, Classic Red, Hot Pink, Jet Black, Ocean Blue, Rotal Purple and Trendy Turquoise

I’ve used all of them and found them all to be very pigmented, soft and easy to use. They even stay put really well, even on my oily skin. I can smudge them but only if I rub quite hard and only once my oily has really come through.
They can also be used as eyeliner, which is great and they stay all day.


Honestly for the price they’re amazing.

If you’d like some you can get them for £5 each at Revolution Beauty.