Revolution Beauty Halloween Haunted Collection Liquid Skull Highlighters Review & Swatches – Paranormal, Lover’s Wrath, Envy & Blood of my Enemies

Part of the 2018 Haunted Halloween range from Revolution Beauty is a set of 4 liquid highlighters in skull-shaped bottles. They cost £5 each and have 13ml with a 12-month shelf life.


Quite frankly I bought these for the bottle because LOOK AT IT. OMG, it’s so cute!


Okay so you and I might have different ideas of cute but I think it’s awesome. I might not be a fan of liquid highlighters but I had to get all of these.

There’s 4 of them. Before we get started there’s a little dropper to get the liquid out. It’s not my favourite but you don’t need much to get a good splash of highlighter.Revolution-Halloween-Liquid-Highlighter-Dropper

Blood of my Enemies is described as a red shimmer and that’s very accurate.

Envy is described as a white highlight with a green shift. That’s very accurate.

Lover’s Wrath is described as an icy white with a purple-pink undertone. In real life, you can see the pink more than the purple in it.

Paranormal is described as an icy white, even though it has more of a slight golden tint.


They’re all very pretty. These are quite glittery, so if you’re not into that these might not be for you. My favourite is, of course, the green.

Now if you’re into liquid highlighters and ones with fine glitter you’re going to love these. However, I’m not and I don’t love them. Yes, I’ll use them but you might just want to pick your favourite colour.

One last thing to note is that Blood of my Enemies does stain the skin. Now that’s not Revolution-Halloween-Stainingreally an issue unless you’re going bare-faced the next day. It’s worth being aware of though. It was only on my arm to take the picture so the stain might be worse if you wear it all night.

If you’d like one of these they’re available at Revolution Beauty and Superdrug for £5 each.