Sleek Power Plump in Notorious Nude Review & Swatch

Sleek’s Power Plumps retail for £5.50 from SleekMakeUp or your local retailer.


They are pencil lip crayons in 6 shades, the one I have is Notorious Nude. Why they’re called power plump’s is because they plump up your lips. Now I found the tingly sensation that comes with this particular one quite strong. So if you’re not into that you might want to avoid this one.


The colour itself is cool light brown and is a very good nude for me. It’s not long lasting so does need to be reapplied. However, that does mean you’ll get the advantage of it replumping your lips. Also as it’s a pencil no liner is needed if you’ve got it sharpened. You will need a sharpener for this, it is not a twist up product.

All in all, for £5.50 this is a good buy.