Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait in Racoon​

Meet Raccoon from Trifle Cosmetics. Let’s first address the elephant Raccoon in the room. A lipstick called Raccoon? Yeah, I am not personally fond of it but the name isn’t the end of the world. Let’s move on to what I do like about this lipstick.


That’s pretty much everything. It’s a lovely shade of fuschia in a creme finish. It is very opaque and is nice a comfortable. I love the packaging. It’s very cute and I like the fact it is mostly cardboard, much better for the environment. That might mean it gets damaged easier but if you have a lipstick case pop it in there and it’s protected.


It won’t last over the course of a meal and it won’t last all day but it is a cream lipstick so I didn’t expect it too.

It costs $18.95 (I can’t find UK suppliers, please comment below if you know of one) from With no UK suppliers and postage costing $24.95 (like seriously WTF), I won’t be purchasing more from this range but it was lovely to try.