Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Review

Eat Sleep MakeUp Repeat Palette

Eat, Sleep, Makeup, Repeat is a palette of ‘OMG that’s so bright’ colours. The palette is laid out in three sections, that can be used to create their own looks.


First, we have the ‘pink’ section. This section ranges from a neon pink to a deep purple to create the perfect pink smokey eye.


In the middle is the green section. Slightly more uniform in colour, it goes from neon yellow to deep green. This one has been a favourite of mine for creating a halo eye recently.


The blue section goes from a light blue to a deep purple. It’s also great for a halo eye.


Good news, this palette is still available from Revolution Beauty for £6.  However, I have seen it for £1.80 in the sale.

These are the old Revolution formulas, so some of them are hit and miss. The royal blue in this palette is definitely one I’d call a miss. The neon colours work best on a white base, although used as an inner corner highlight they’re really good. Overall though it’s a good palette and can create a few great looks. I used it in the post below.

Green and Sliver Halo Eyeshadow

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