Revolution Pro Launch Party

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Revolution Pro Launch/TAM Beauty Birthday Party. Before we get to the party and the lovely ladies I met, let’s have a quick look at the changes over at TAM beauty.

Firstly they’re no longer TAM Beauty but now Revolution beauty. Don’t worry they’re still run by the same great team and you can log in to the new website with your old details. The website is slicker and cleaner with the added advantage of a Vegan section now. One of the biggest changes is Freedom Makeup London has been discontinued. I Heart MakeUp is now I Heart Revolution and Live Love London is now Obsession. Makeup Revolution is now just Revolution. It feels like Tam Beauty is getting more grown up now and much more professional.

That’s not all though.

There is now a proline. Launched officially at the party, it had been on the website for a couple of days. These products look amazing and are currently causing quite the buzz. I’ve ordered a fair few of the items and will be reviewing them shortly. I was lucky enough to try one of the lip pigments out on the night and it was very good. Didn’t smudge and was comfortable to wear.

Now that’s all out of the way lets talk about the party. It was an amazingly fun night. I headed down early because of the trains. Twice now I have gotten to place just on time because I’ve gone early so I wasn’t risking it today. This time the trains were being kind and I made it to London with a couple of hours to spare. I was very glad of that as I managed to lose a nail on the way to the station. That’s right, I didn’t even make it to London before I lost one. I headed to Oxford Street first for a smoothie and the Kat Von D counter. I bought three things, her Tattoo Liner (Can we have a dupe please Rev?), a liquid lipstick and the basket case liner. I promptly lost the lipstick, no I am not kidding, I lost it in about half an hour of buying it.

Unsettled at losing a nail and a lipstick I headed to the party for drinks to calm my nerves. I arrived at 7 and the place was already busy. If you’re a blogger like me and want to take pictures I’d get there ASAP before it gets too full.

The place looked amazing. I was here for the Halloween party and it looked so different. The entrance had lots of inspiring sayings all over it. There was a doughnut wall. That was so cute. There was a display of Revolution products and of course the new Revolution pro line. There were lovely makeup artist demonstrating the new Pro Line. And of course not to mention lovely food and drinks on offer. Some of the bottles had Revolution stuck to them.

I can not tell you the number of lovely ladies I met. Everyone was so sweet. I’ve made a few new friends and got to follow some very very talented ladies and gents. If you see yourself leave me a comment.

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I’ve also included the launch video for the Pro Line. I have removed the audio as I don’t really want a copyright strike.

I can only hope they’ll invite me again because it was such fun and I was so grateful to be invited. Thank you Adam and the team for an AMAZING night and of course an amazing brand. I can not wait to see what you come up with next!